The certificate of staking is the whole of all land surveying operations done by the land surveyor in order to mark on the ground, with the help of markers (iron), his opinion on the position of the limits of an existing or proposed property.

The staking is done only for the benefit of the client or its representative.

The marker placed during the operation is an objet placed in order to indicate an alignment or to mark the extremities of a segment, arc or curve forming the perimeter of a piece of land. It must :

  1. Be metalic
  2. Be of square or circular cross-section
  3. Be non empty or treated for corrosion if empty
  4. Measure at least 60 centimeters in length and 15 milimeters of side or diameter
  5. Have a cuff of at least 3 centimeters of side or a cap of at least 5 centimeters of diameter, fixed permanently to its superior end, on which are engraved the minimal following informations: land surveyor’s surname, initial, his name followed by the letters « a.-g. »
  6. Be easily found, either by the fact that it exceeds the ground, by the fact it can be detected by a metal detector or by the fact that its position is sufficiently described from other physical details written in the notes.