guy-migue-1949 It is Guy Migué, land surveyor and engineer who, in 1949, created the first land surveying office in the region of Farnham. Mr. Migué’s services were well appreciated in the years where the region was in continuous expansion. From 1949 to 1981, Guy Migué was responsible for the confection of many plans for important projects in the Brome-Missisquoi region, including the initial cadastral plans for the creation of the town of Bromont.

In 1981, Claude Migué, now a land surveyor took over the control of the business to give it a second breath. Different associations are seen during this time: Migué & Langlois (1981 to 1986), Migué & Leblanc (1989 to 1999), Claude Migué Land Surveyor (2000 to 2009).

In 2009, Kevin Migué, grand-son of Guy Migué and son of Claude Migué, and being the latest of the 3 consecutive generations of land surveyors, joins the company which in now under the name of Migué Land Surveyor Inc.

In 2016, Migué Land Surveyor's Inc and M. Robert Fournier from Fournier & Tremblay A-G Inc, a local company, merge together in order to create Migué & Fournier Land Surveyors Inc.

We are proud of what has been accomplished and look forward to serve many more Brome-Missisquoi land owners with the same curtesy, efficiency, professionalism and diligence that has made our reputation.

*This picture of Mr. Guy Migué, Eng. and Land surveyor was taken in the 50s on Oxford Street in Cowansville. On the right, we see M. Gilbert Bricault helping M. Migué.