I would like to create co-ownership (ex. condos)

The co-ownership phenomenon (commonly known as « condos ») has known a pretty fast growth in Quebec in the last 20 years. Owners see many advantages in co-ownership, which explains this growth. The construction of a condo requires many steps on the legal plan. Note that this type of ownership is not only reserved to new construction. In fact, it is still possible to convert an existing building (ex. apartments) into a condo.

In order to create co-ownership, one cannot avoid the consultation with a land surveyor that will analyse with you the feasibility of the project. A favorable decision from the Quebec Housing Authority will be necessary in order to obtain a conversion permit to go from apartment to condo. If the creation of co-ownership is possible, the land surveyor will have to prepare all cadastral plans required and adapted to the situation. With the help of the notary, the land surveyor will be able to help you establish the “common parts”, the “common parts with exclusive usage” and the “exclusive parts”. He will also guide you in the establishment of the limits for each of them.