I want to divide my land

You are the owner of a large enough piece of land, it may be possible for you to divide it in two or more parcels in order to sell some of them to future buyers. However, one cannot improvise on lot division. In fact, many restrictions might exist and limit your liberty as an owner. Municipal by-laws, the Cultural Heritage Act or the Act respecting the preservation of agricultural land and agricultural activities are examples of legal documents that bring restrictions to what you can do or not concerning the division of your piece of land.

Furthermore, if your property is situated inside a territory being part of a renewed cadastre, it will not be possible for you to divide your property without registering each new parcel, that is to say, prepare a new cadastral plan giving a new lot number to each parcel. Every new cadastral plan must be approved by the municipality and the Natural Resources Ministry. These steps usually involve additional fees.

It is also important to know that every lot division is susceptible to provoke additional fees for parks by the municipality. Sometimes, the amount can be relatively high and thus affect the financial profitability of the operation.

In light of what has been said, it is recommended to consult a land surveyor before you proceed with the division of your property in order to have the exact picture of the project: the possibilities, the obligations and the financial impact.