I am renovating – Building modification

Are you planning a renovation? May it be for your house, your commercial building or any other type of building, the following explanations will help you understand the implication of the land surveyor in your project and the documents you will need.

In the case of a building modification, it is possible that some of the following steps might not be mandatory for the realisation of your project. In order to know the requirements applicable to your situation, it is recommended that you directly contact your municipality as well as your land surveyor.

Such a project can be divided according to three successive stages with the following objectives:

  1. Check the feasibility of your project and obtain approval from your municipality. You will need a Project Implantation Plan.
  2. Proceed with the implantation of the projected constructions on your property and certify the operation. We will proceed with the implantation and issue you a Certificate of Implantation.
  3. Check the conformity of the work once the buildings are erected. You will need a Certificate of Location.