I am refinancing my mortgage

When you contract a mortgage, the preparation of a certificate of location is often a condition in order to obtain a loan and it might be difficult to avoid this condition. The creditor requires this document in order to ensure that there are no important risks that could affect the value of the property and put in jeopardy the mortgage warranty.

The certificate of location is a document consisting of a report and a plan, in which the land surveyor expresses his opinion on the actual situation and condition of a property in regards to the deeds, the cadastre as well as the laws and by-laws that could affect it. The land surveyor then proceeds with a legal inspection of your property and will be able to warn you of any problems or irregularities that the mortgage creditor would like to know, for example, litigious property limits, encroachments on neighbour’s properties, non-conformity of a building, limitations in regards to the right of property.

This type of report must signal, among other things, the elements that could restrict the right of property such as servitudes, flood zones or riverband protection strips that could affect the property as well as the respect of applicable by-laws of the municipality where the property is situated.