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Technical land surveying covers most localisation needs that do not require legal analysis. For example, construction survey. The principal objective for a technical survey is to map the ground surface in order to facilitate the design process and allow the client to determine the best possible emplacement for the installation of a structure or even follow the progression of a construction. In order to do that, it might be necessary to do different types of surveys. A technical survey may include one or many of the following elements :

  • Establishment of horizontal and vertical control points
  • Preparation of a site plan (topographic plan)
  • Ground implantation of the structure
  • Measure and verification of the emplacement of what’s being constructed
  • Determination of the scope of the work done (fill or excavation, volumes, pipeline, dam, etc..)

Since about 20 years, the Ministery for Natural resources of Québec has been proceeding in the preparation of a new cadastral plan where each property will be represented distinctively. The surveys presently being done are given to private land surveying firms. Owners do not have to pay for the cadastral renewal work, but have a certain duty, such as to collaborate when needed and participate in the public consultations.

Migué & Fournier Land Surveyors Inc. actively participated in the process, sometimes as expert, notably in the Farnham, Bedford and Sutton regions.

If you want to know more on the cadastral renewal process in the province of Québec, we invite you to visit the following web sites :

The numerical terrain model (NTM) is a three dimensional (3D) computer model representing the field for a specific area. From this model, it is possible to visualize the relief, calculate slopes and generate contours or volumes.



Migué & Fournier Land Surveyors offers its clients the possibility of producing digital elevation models by drone survey for specific projects. Pictures and information obtained from drones offer precisions up to 2 cm. Applications for such a service are multiple for agriculture (draining, production, crop management, etc.), commerce (tourism, archeology, protected spaces, ski resort and management, careers and sand pits.

Migué & Fournier Land Surveyors offers services to different gouvernemental instance such as the Quebec transportation Ministry for the confection of property plans, acquisition plans and excess immovable plans for cession or sales.

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Many rivers and lacs of the Brome-Missisquoi region have been instrumented and elevations have been determined for 2, 5, 20 and 100 years flood zones. Each zone comprises specific restrictions and Migué & Fournier Land Surveyors has the necessary expertise to localise these zones for any new construction project or already constructed land.

Furthermore, the Protection Policy for Lakeshores, Riverbanks, Littoral Zones and Floodplains contains dispositions that generally have been integrated to the municipalities’ by-law, provides the establishment of a river band protection strip from the high water mark of a body of water. Migué & Fournier Land Surveyors is also qualified to determine the position of said strip and localise it in regards to the cadastre and adjacent buildings.

Migué & Fournier Land Surveyors offers photography services providing coordinates and orientation of photos as well as high image quality. The informations is then transposed ono a plan for a given site and can be used in both the legal and technical fields.